Grid-Tied, Battery Backup System

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2 anos 6 meses atrás #2347 por Clint Barton

I have been planning a grid-tied battery backup system for the last few months. I have been planning on using Outback equipment as soon as it was available. I understand that it is now available and I have an order ready to be placed for what is essentially a loaded PS2 system.I guess I have a couple of questions regarding what is presented in this document.Do I really need a second meter installed to record the sell-back power amount? My utility company has been telling me that I can use either my existing meter with a software upgrade, or a new single meter, to do net-metering functions. Even if I can do it with a single meter, are there any other advantages to adding a second meter as illustrated in the wiring diagram?

Please help.

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2 anos 6 meses atrás - 2 anos 6 meses atrás #2348 por Gabriel Araújo
Hello Clint!

Thanks for your contact!

Where are you writing from?

I ask because here in Brazil, where we are located, the standard meter doesn't work for net-metering. So, when the installation is approved, the utility company has to change the meter for a net-metering one, free of charge. New buildings are already receiving net-metering meters when they are connected to the grid.

Technically, if your current meter can be used for net-metering, you're all good. It's irrelevant if the energy comes form the batteries or from the pannels. But you should take a look at legislation in your country to see if there's any observation on this topíc.

Hope it helps!

Best regards,
Gabriel Araujo
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